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Re: AO-51 Operations (digipeater?)

Hi Bob,
The digipeater is now on again and will remain on as long as it does not 
interfere with the BBS users. Until we get a grip on how this impacts the 
BBS users, no unattended operations, OK? Be aware that AO-51 unlike previous 
PACSATS only has one uplink frequency for the BBS, and runs about 0.3 watts 
on the digital transmitter during the longer eclipse season (which is now). 
Also, the earlier releases of TLMEcho do not display the digi status 

How often it's used is left up to the users, but I would appreciate feedback 
on how well it works. A lack of feedback will probably be viewed as a lack 
of interest, so I encourage everyone to report their success or failure...

73, Drew KO4MA
For the AO-51 Operations Group 
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