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AO-51 Operations (digipeater?)

>>> "Andrew Glasbrenner" <glasbrenner@mindspring.com> 07/05/06 12:00 PM >>>
>The recent overhaul of the AO-51 operations committee is complete.
>Some of the goals... improved support of large special events...

One thing I am interested in hearing about is the status of digipeating
while in PACSAT BBS mode.  There had been some experiments
a while back, but I can find nothing on the ECHO web pages about
continued support for this mode.

We were hoping that the digipeat mode could be left on always
whenever the Pacsat digital modes are active so that users could
have some reasonable expectations of continuity in this mode
and can plan on routine operations.   By having the digipeater active,
then users can carry on real-time QSO's digitally via their mobile
APRS radios with little impact on other users.

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