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Re: NASA audio on Confrence Server

On Jul 5, 2006, at 12:15 PM, John & Judy Rothert wrote:

> Does anyone know if NASA audio feed is going to be on the Echolink  
> Conference Server continually during this mission? I heard it  
> earlier today
> but not now. I would like to pick it up and provide it to one of  
> our local
> repeaters.
> Thanks............
> 73,
> John

It's not exactly what you asked for, but IRLP is doing it (complete  
with compressor/limiter, VOX with 250ms audio delay board to keep  
words from getting cut off up-front, time-out unkey timer to force an  
unkey every few minutes, etc etc etc... in other words, done right)  
on Reflector 9356.

Chris Huber N6ICW is the host of the "uplink" to IRLP, and the  
Western Area Linking Association is allowing the use of their  
Reflector channel 6.

The Reflector channel has been set to use the GSM CODEC, so only an  
8Kb/s audio stream, to save bandwidth on the Reflector.

The channel was also set to "listen-only" mode, so local chatter on  
any connected IRLP nodes is not heard by the others connected.

According to the real-time status page for that Reflector sub- 
channel, 27 nodes are currently connected and participating in  
Shuttle audio transmission.


There was a peak of almost 100 nodes at launch.

Using the http://status.irlp.net pages, you can look for local nodes  
in your area and ask the node owner/operator if their system will  
survive the nearly 100% duty-cycle Shuttle audio requires... if so,  
ask them if you can connect to Reflector 9356 to listen in, anytime.

Nate Duehr - WY0X
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