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Member's Only AMSAT.ORG - Update

Hi All,
  After reading the posts on here and the direct emails, it is obvious
the point was missed, this isn't about Emily, it never was...

If the issue was that the content was ready but Emily didn't
have time to update it, that would not be Emily's fault, it would be
Amsats and that it should be actively finding more website help.

If the issue was that no content was available that would not be
Emily's fault since it is not her responsibility to provide content..
 She often does which is a plus... but its not her job...

   In just a couple of mins the link could have been removed and
this never would have come up (that would be Emily's responsibility
but someone on the management side would have to have instructed
her to do that), or maybe it should have never
been put up in the first place... I know that some members of the
BOD never wanted it in the first place...

If this was any other webpage that you frequent and it was hyped
as something coming would you be so defensive of it  if it sat for
2 years? what if Yahoo Groups was still a coming attraction
after 2 years?

 My ongoing gripe revolves around Amsat and timeliness...


That implies they have a level of expertise above the norm...

Well go look at the Amsat glossary, it is full
of incorrect statements, and not the type you can argue about
or are on the gray line... hey just look at the first page

AGC vs. ALC it seems Amsat does not know the  difference.

Hey its a minor error, they got swapped right? easy to fix

I had been trying to get that fixed going on for what seems
forever, Barry formed a tech group to look into it, and I have
been told that a glossary was ready over 8 months ago,the
original comments pointing out problems with it go back
more than 2 years now I think....

I'm sorry but I have this mental quirk that if I'm am going
to belong to a group that claims to be technical , and if they
put up something wrong, I expect them to fix it in a timely
manner once it is pointed out to them... especially if they
want money from me... weeks or a month would seem timely to
me not months and months or years...

I have tried privately to fix this with no result, I tried publicly
on a different path with no result, I tried with a private letter to the
BOD cancelling my Amsat membership and pointing out after
3 years as a gold member they were going to lose that money
if they didn't fix the problem.

And I have tried here with some sarcasm to make a fuss since
unfortunately that seems the only way anymore to motivate

So ask yourself something and leave Emily out of the equation
because this has nothing to do with her...  do you want your org
to be technically correct or can any old thing right or wrong be
 put up on the website or in their documentation and its fine with you?

And when Amsat comes knocking looking for money remind them
that if they as a technical group had fixed technical inaccuracies
that they would have had an extra $1200 dollars this year...and
probably next...

   At this point I'm am going to drop this quest to get anything
incorrect on the website fixed (much to the relief of many of
you I'm sure ),it's a lost cause it seems,no one cares...
Amsat doesn't... the Members don't ...,So I guess why should I right???

Kevin WA6FWF

I still want to support Sats that we ALL can use, to that end I have
joined another Amsat group and will fund them instead in the future.
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