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Re: AO-51 digital help?

On 7/3/06, Greg D. <ko6th_greg@hotmail.com> wrote:
> With the day off today I thought I'd try my hand at the digital side of
> AO-51.  Bottom line is that I need help...
> But, I got nothing.  I know I can't hear the 9600 signal, but the TNC didn't
> register anything.  Fortunately, none of the neighbors noticed what I was
> doing.

Hi Greg,

You should give GO-32 a try.  It has much stronger digital signal than
AO-51 and I have found it much easier to work.  Since operation is
identical to AO-51 except for frequencies and callsigns, can use GO-32
to make sure all of your gear is working properly then give AO-51
another shot.  If I remember correctly, AO-51's digital transmitter is
only running at 1/4 watt or something around that.  You will need a
pre-amp to get a good lock on the signal, even with your Quagi.

Have fun!

A.J. Farmer, AJ3U
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