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Re: AO-51 digital help?

Quoting "Greg D." <ko6th_greg@hotmail.com>:

> Hi Stephen,
> Thanks for the reply.  The radio was in TNC mode, and the Palmtop makes
> an 
> excellent portable terminal, so I should be ok there.  I don't have a
> preamp 
> on the rig, but I figured that if others are working it with an Arrow 
> antenna, I should be ok with mine.  Maybe not...
> I just figured out that the TNC powers up with 1200 baud, and you change
> that from the TNC prompt not from the radio's menu (which is why I
> didn't 
> find it...  RTFM!).  That surely was a problem.
> Next pass worth trying is tonight...  I'll let you know what happens.
> Greg  KO6TH

Greg and everyone:

In addition to the helpful advice on this list, you'll find some excellent
step-by-step instructions for this and other digital modes (even with
specific reference to the TH-D7A) in the AO-51 Book by Gould Smith,
available at the AMSAT store: http://www.amsat-na.com/item.php?id=100047

It's been a great book to take to work and read at lunch, too.

73, Bruce

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