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Re: Member's Only AMSAT.ORG - Update

Emily Clarke wrote:
> It's probably a good idea to update the membership on why a member's 
> only sub-site of AMSAT.org is not in place. I am not going to 
> apologize for this - but things have been proceeding.  It's actually 
> part of my presentation at the Symposium, so I won't go into too much 
> detail.  So if you are attending the Symposium or purchase the 
> Proceedings afterwards you will learn more about what is coming.
> A big reason for the delay isn't laziness or lack of effort - it 
> begins with the reality that there were other priorities.  These 
> priorities included building the AMSAT Store, building systems for 
> tracking volunteer in-kind hours, giving field operations an area 
> coordinators space, writing other software tools such as the pass 
> prediction and tracking model, building and populating the Satellite 
> Database, giving presentations, supporting AMSAT at two Dayton 
> Hamventions, organizing this year's Space Symposium and as you all 
> know I designed and deployed EaglePedia in this time frame.  FYI - 
> making EaglePedia "member's only" was part of the discussion, but that 
> brought us back to why there isn't a member's only sub-site in the 
> first place.  And EaglePedia couldn't wait.

And anyone who thinks Eaglepedia was not a years work done in less than 
that time does not know what they are about.   In addition,  Emily's 
work on the store has brought significant traffic to AMSAT.  For these 
things we should be very grateful indeed.

Thank you Emily.

73's Bob

> But the biggest issue will always be content, and as Ken pointed out 
> in his post, we need volunteers.  So volunteer!
> 73,
> Emily

AMSAT VP Engineering. Member: ARRL, AMSAT-DL, TAPR, Packrats,
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