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AO-51 digital help?

Hi folks,

With the day off today I thought I'd try my hand at the digital side of 
AO-51.  Bottom line is that I need help...

I have a new (to me) Kenwood TH-D7 hooked to my HP200lx palmtop (for a 
serial console), and an 8 element Quagi antenna that I built some years 
back.  There was a low but reasonable pass this morning, so I thought I'd 
take the toys to the yard and see what I might get on the TNC display.  I 
figured there'd be *somebody* doing something with the bird that I could 

But, I got nothing.  I know I can't hear the 9600 signal, but the TNC didn't 
register anything.  Fortunately, none of the neighbors noticed what I was 

I have the Kenwood set in Packet mode on the "B" side of the rig, tuned to 
435.150 (and browsed +/- a bit for doppler).  It was a low pass, so I 
figured 5 khz either side of center should be good enough.  The TNC didn't 
seem to have any setting for baud rate, which surprised me.  Does it go by 
the APRS setting?  If so, that's the problem; its at 1200.  I opened the 
squelch, just to be sure.  Tried different settings for DCD, no change.

What else do I need to do?


Greg  KO6TH
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