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ICOM 910H Preamp Question

I have been off Sats because of antenna and radio problems.  I am getting
rid of my mast-mount MFJ pre-amp that I used external power for because I
think it was damaged.  I am switching to an SSB mast mount pre-amp as I have
heard excellent things about them.  I was using an external power, but
realized that the ICOM 910H also sends power through the coax.  

Question is, when I press and hold the P.AMP button on 440 to enable the
PRE-AMP, I get a warning tone and the PRE-AMP indicator does not come on.
If I switch to 144, the PRE-AMP light does come on and I get a different
tone.  Does someone know if this is a fault or a configuration problem?

Michael  K3MH
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