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Re: preamp questions

The older ARRL Handbooks (80's and earlyh 90's, anyway) had a sequencer circuit in them, as does The Satellite Experimenter's Handbook, available from AMSAT (and thru many local libraries here in the US, thanks to the Interlibrary Loan program)  The circuit board for the ARRL version is available from FAR Circuits.  I believe that ARR also sells a sequencer.

George, KA3HSW

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>From: Bill Booth <710138@ican.net>
>Sent: Jun 29, 2006 2:44 PM
>To: Amsat-bb@amsat.org
>Subject: [amsat-bb] preamp questions
>After moving last fall I am getting ready to put my satellite system back 
>up.  Over time I have collected different preamps and now am trying to 
>figure out the best one to use.  I am not too worried about the brand as I 
>have both the ARR and LANDWEHR units for both 2m and 70cm.
>The question I am trying to figure out is which way is the better to go 
>...... coax feed power and switching (ARR) or the separate power type 
>(Landwehr).  There is not a lot of discussion about either way from both 
>camps, and I am sure it is one of those bar things like Ford or Chevy.
>My IC970 has the coax feed OK but I would have to provide some sort of 
>sequencer for the Landwehr units.  I have not seen to many projects 
>regarding this part either so what do you normally use ?
>But in the real world is there any difference in performance, and what is 
>the best method of sequencer to use.
>Bill Booth VE3NXK
>Sundridge ON, Canada
>79.23.37 W x 45.46.18 N
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