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preamp questions

After moving last fall I am getting ready to put my satellite system back 
up.  Over time I have collected different preamps and now am trying to 
figure out the best one to use.  I am not too worried about the brand as I 
have both the ARR and LANDWEHR units for both 2m and 70cm.

The question I am trying to figure out is which way is the better to go 
...... coax feed power and switching (ARR) or the separate power type 
(Landwehr).  There is not a lot of discussion about either way from both 
camps, and I am sure it is one of those bar things like Ford or Chevy.

My IC970 has the coax feed OK but I would have to provide some sort of 
sequencer for the Landwehr units.  I have not seen to many projects 
regarding this part either so what do you normally use ?

But in the real world is there any difference in performance, and what is 
the best method of sequencer to use.

Bill Booth VE3NXK
Sundridge ON, Canada
79.23.37 W x 45.46.18 N

Visit my weather WebCam at http://www.almaguin.com/wxcurrent/weather.html 
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