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ISS Repeater results - thank you Kenneth !

To Kenneth, N5VHO,

Dear Kenneth,
Having the ISS repeater on for FieldDay was a big success !

On the evening of June 22 I was awaiting the repeater to be
switched on. The first pass APRS was still active. Second pass
there were no downlink signals at all, so I knew someone up there
was working on the D700 - tension further growing. And YES !
The third pass (~21:30 UTC) the repeater was on, working great,
and both myself and Ib, OZ1MY made a QSO with Jeff Williams.

In the days after, many stations were able to make contacts, and
to my surprise there was no chaos this time on the passes over
Europe. Very polite traffic, and all stations waiting for the others
to finish their QSO's. Lot of fun !

Portable access was doable too: with my Kenwood THD7 (2W) and
only a 7 elements handheld beam I made on June 24 a QSO.
Compared to AO51 the D700 in ISS is much more sensitive to
doppler correction, but with 3 memory channels it worked fine.

The audio over-modulation is still for many stations an issue to
handle, but it seems most of us can listen full-duplux, as after one
day this this was under control. Is there a setting in the D700 that
we could change for this ? Or is the crew mic level setting coupled
the audio level of the uplink receiver (in which case we should not
change anything as the crew's audio is excellent via the repeater) ?

Anyway: I thanked Jeff for switching on the repeater, but I also
wanted to thank you Kenneth, for organizing all of this.

Many thanks on behalf of all the stations that had a great weekend!

Henk, PA3GUO
(contains the audio recordings of the above mentioned repeater QSO's
 with NA1SS, 2E1EUB, SP1WSR, SQ5FNQ and PE1RXJ)
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