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Re: AO-51 Field Day QRP?

> Was the QRP side of AO-51 working for Field Day?  I heard NOTHING on it, not even
> myself, while the "normal" side was very busy...

Yes, I heard the AO-51 QRP repeater, and made a couple of QSOs on it Sunday
morning.  Sounded like there were some really strong stations on
there, but I was
able to sneak in with my portable satellite setup - HT and Yagi - to
make my QSOs.
I received some e-mails asking what I did to get in and make those
QSOs, with all
the loud/strong stations on there.  Persistence... sticking around
until the last 2 minutes
of the pass, hoping someone would finally hear me.

> And speaking of QRP, it sure sounded like a LOT of the users of the ISS crossband
> repeater weren't running QRP...

I didn't bother with the ISS repeater during Field Day.  I tried it
before Field Day
Thursday night (early Friday, UTC) and made contacts on 2 passes, but even then
the stations were very strong.  Being in Arizona, it wasn't as crowded
as it was later
in the North American passes when the ISS was further east.  In
addition, the pass
times were not very convenient for my Field Day operating (mobile HF with my
father-in-law and stepson Saturday until sunset, then more HF
operating with some
satellite work from a campground near Show Low AZ Saturday night and Sunday


Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Phoenix, Arizona USA
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