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RE: LMR-400 vs 9913F?

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006 00:01:42 -0000, Alan P. Biddle wrote:
> I wondered about Bury-flex.  Mostly good reports, though a couple
> that indicated some quality control issues.  With only 65' in each
> cable, in a relatively benign environment, I can't go too far wrong.

I've been using the LMR-400 Buryflex with two 160' runs for about five years, now, and am very impressed with its ability to resist water.

I chopped one run in half with the lawn mower a couple of years ago...  I didn't have time to repair it at that time and forgot about it for quite a while. When I finally got time to play with it, after a couple of months with some very good rain in that time period, I found that cutting it back just a short bit (I wanna say it was less than 6 inches) resulted in no water contamination that I could see or measure with my limited means.  Put in a "N" to "N" double female and "N" males on both of the splice ends and it worked like a charm.  

I DO use the special LMR-400 connectors, both the "N" and "UHF" sold by Texas Towers and have had no problems installing connectors.  I've heard from others around here that the standard connectors aren't a good fit, but I don't know what/why/how not.

I've still got a few hundred feet of the stuff in the shed - hopefully to go up on the new tower this fall.

73 Wayne N5WD
   R. Wayne Day    N5WD    n5wd@charter.net
   Fort Worth, Texas  USA
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