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Re: LMR-400 vs 9913F?

Alan P. Biddle wrote:
> Dave,
> It is supposed to work with standard RG-8U connectors.  Any tricky stuff?  I
> see that sell some moderately pricey "prep tools."  
> According to the spec sheet, it can be bent with a radius of about 7".  Does
> that match your experience?  I don't have any sharp bends, but it does need
> to enter the house through some existing paths.
> Alan

It's stiff but somewhat flexible, and I have seen tighter radiuses bent 
in it than 7" but it's probably not real good for it, unless it's tied 
down to stay still.

A couple manufacturers make VERY good crimp-on connectors of all types. 
  (Yeah, some people hate crimp-on connectors, but I've had very good 
luck with GOOD quality ones using the right (expensive) crimp tool and 
dies.)  Just have to make sure your weatherproofing technique is very 
good and continues above and below the end of the cable, especially with 
crimp-on connectors.  My entire Rover station for the June VHF contest 
was runs of LMR-400 up the mast from the vehicle, including the folded 
over piece that had to be the same length as the other one for the split 
6m square loops made by W0KVA.

LMR is known to be "noisy" in duplex (repeater) service due to the 
dissimilar metals its built with, as the outer foil and jacket rub 
around, but for non-duplexed service, it does very well and sometimes 
has nicer loss numbers than higher priced cables.

They also make LMR-600, and others, made for higher frequencies, etc. 
And recently I read about them producing a more flexible version of 
LMR-400 at a higher price, same performance, more flex.  Haven't yet 
seen it "in the field" yet, though.

Nate WY0X
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