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RE: LMR-400 vs 9913F?

Hi, Alan
I've terminated (and repaired!) about 150 LMR-400
cables in the last couple of years. As Art says, if
they're going to be outside, you must weatherproof
them adequately. All of the connectors I've had to
replace, were hurriedly installed, *without* the
included adhesive-lined heat-shrink tubing that comes
with connectors from Times Microwave, and didn't even
have a wrap of good old Scotch 33+ on them. Some
failed within 3 months, others lasted a year or so,
but all of the failed cables weren't weatherproofed.
Granted it's in shipboard use, but this just goes to
show the importance of proper weatherproofing and
connector installation.
We typically use the solder center pin / crimp braid
connectors, and as long as you excercise normal care
stripping the cable and installing the connectors,
they work just fine. The original 9913, with it's
"semi-solid" dielectric, was extremely prone to
filling  with water, as many people has seen, even
when the connectors were weatherproofed. I haven't
used 9913F, so I can't comment on it. I use DavisRF
Bury-Flex at home, and it's a more than acceptable
substitute for LMR-400, especially for runs under
100', and frequencies below L-Band. I have some at
home that's been up about 10 years, and it
looks/measures the same as the day I installed it.
73, Jim  KQ6EA
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