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TS-2K & PCSAT32?

I'm going nuts.

I had been using pcsat32 with my 847 Yeasu. It worked fine.

Now I'm trying it on a TS-2000 Kenwood. Problem:

When I try to use it in "transparent mode", the freq always reverts to what 
the sat program says it should be, instead of letting me "tune up the band" 
and applying doppler only to the new freq.

If I call cq on a freq and don't touch a thing, I can have a perfectly 
doppler corrected qso for the whole pass. However, if i want to move off the 
freq that I started, it keeps bringing me back to where I had started with 
the first update sent by the program to the TS-2K.

Even if I use the SatPC32 up/down buttons to change freq, as soon as another 
update is sent from the program to the radio (following me freq change), it 
goes right back to the original freq. I am being held prisoner!

What am I doing wrong?

I have V+ enabled (VFO tuning).

Should TRACE R be on in the Kenwood TS-2K? (it comes on every time I invoke 
sat mode on with SatPC32, I can turn it off manually...but it doesn't seem 
to help)

It has GOT to be something really simple, someone please help!


...hasan, N0AN 
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