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Icom IC 821H etc

Hello to all.

I have an Icom IC 82H plus a brand new, unused DEMI 2400 Rx converter.

I wish to power the Rx converter via the co-ax feed line from the 821 using
the "pre-amp" switch power facility.

The DEMI unit (according to their notes) requires 12v at 0,5A. Does anyone
know what the power capacity of the 821's "pre-amp" facility is. I've had a
careful look at the 821 manual but can find no reference to what the maximum /
suggested level for this is. So, can anyone help ?

Secondly, whilst on the subject of the 821, I'm in the process of buying a
second hand IC 820. Somewhere I read / heard that there were some subtle
differences (apart form the RF power output) between the 821 and 820. I think
it was "something to do with routing the AF" to the back panel socket from the
main band receive only. The 821 (again) I think can route either the main band
or sub-band to the back panel. Is this correct or possibly there are other
(more significant) differences? I must add that to me, that's really a subtle
difference and won't make a stitch of difference to my satellite operating
intentions where I'd look to using a single rig - dual band - or two; one for
2 meters and the other for 70cm. It's really an enquiry only

Thanks for reading this and to those who reply, thanks for your time.

Cedar Ryan
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