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ISS repeater activity, 24 June 2006 around 0030 and 0200 UTC


The ISS cross-band repeater is sounding well this evening.  I worked 4 stations
on each of the two passes I could try for (around 0027-0034 UTC, and 0157-0205
UTC).  First pass was around 12 degrees elevation, the second one up to 32 or

On the early pass, I heard Alvaro XE2AT on there, and we made a quick contact.
Nobody else was on for a couple of minutes, but later on stations from
the middle
and eastern parts of the USA came on, plus an XE3 station whose call wasn't
clear in my recording.  I also worked K5AUW, KE5CWC, and N1ASA.  I heard
W8ZCF in there as well.

On the later pass, I heard WA6LIE and KC6UQH on there.  I worked them
both, then
also heard my friend Alex N2IX come on from outside his office in
California's Imperial
Valley, then quickly worked Egon VE6EGN.  Other activity started up
toward the end
of the pass.

I normally use an IC-W32A HT, but I still had my IC-2720H mobile radio
with me for
these passes.  I used that as my radio, with the power down to low
(5W), along with
my Arrow 2m/70cm handheld Yagi.  I had used the Yagi for ISS repeater contacts I
made back in December 2005, except then I worked those passes with the IC-W32A.
Now that I've been doing the FM satellite thing for 6 months, and this
was the second
opportunity to work the ISS repeater, it was a lot easier to deal with
the Doppler on my
transmit frequency.  Also, neither pass seemed as busy as some of the
passes I heard
in December.  Maybe everyone else is waiting for the official start of
Field Day.  I don't

I am not sure I will try to work anyone through the ISS repeater
during the Field Day
event, since its stronger signal is easier to hear and usually
attracts more interest
than the FM satellites.  I hope to be able to make my QSO through the AO-51 QRP
repeater, in addition to whatever I do on HF.  It would be nice to
have the repeater
turned on more often, and I know that - for the moment - the ISS radio
and PCSAT2
need to play nicely with each other, and the cross-band repeater takes a bit of
work to get it working right (note the problems yesterday with it).
It's fun, and the
non-hams can relate to the ISS more than our other satellites.

Good luck to all who participate in Field Day.  73 from the hot desert!

Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Phoenix, Arizona USA
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