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D7AG Full Duplex, Thanks!

Thanks for all the suggestions. 

Being on the same band was the "biggie".  I tried using the VFO mode and 
VHF-A UHF-B,  which should have worked the first time, except I had left 
both bands with off-sets enabled.  After making both channels simplex, 
turning on the right PL and putting the TS2000X in cross band repeat, 
after spending time with the manual, I can now hear myself coming back 
in the headphones while the TS2000X acts like the bird.   Yes, the real 
bird was on the other side of the world and I was in low power on both 
HT and TS2000X when I made the test. 

A half hour later I tried to work the next pass of AO-51.  I could hear 
while I was transmitting, but did not hear me back through the bird.  
Five watts was all I had to the Arrow antenna.  They were all talking at 
once while I was waving the antenna at the sky trying to remember where 
Instant Track in the shack said the pass track was relative to me.  
There is another pass or two this evening to practice befor Field Day 
happens.  Make MURPHY happy today and maybe he will not appear on Field 
Day. :-)

Don't you hate it when the technology passes you bye?  Where did I lay 
the manuals down, this time?
Thanks again.
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