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Re: ISS keps ?????? (Now ARISS Quick Response)

> It seems like only a year ago "we" were complaining that there was no one to
> tell us what was happening aboard the ARISS "missions." You stepped in and
> we almost have answers, I stand corrected, in fact tonight we DID have
> answers before anyone even asked the questions.
> It is such a pleasure to sit back and enjoy your dedication and
> professionalism, knowing that someone is at "the switch."
> I hope I speak for all ISS "users" in appreciating the time you must spend
> being the "voice" for the organization!

Not only does Kenneth (N5VHO) keep everyone updated on the ARISS-related
stuff, between posts to the mailing lists and other releases that show up on the
ARRL web site and other places, he takes time to answer questions from us
hams.  He does a great job, and it is appreciated.

Dave N6CO also does a great job by sending out the ISS keps.  I may not have a
need for them, getting my keps from http://www.space-track.org/ whenever I need
an update, but the fact that he sends those out regularly is great.  I
know N6CO
was a Mir QSL manager, and I have one of those cards at home, and it is nice to
see he's still involved with the ham-related ISS activities.

Now, here's hoping for the ISS repeater to come alive over North
America on Friday,
in time for some quick practice before Field Day over the weekend.  OK, and have
the repeater on for the rest of the world, as well.  :-)

73 from the hot desert!

Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Phoenix, Arizona USA
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