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RE: CAT and the TS-2000 and FT-847

Hi Erich and Jim,

I have a possibly related problem.  It seems that on my system I need a much
longer CAT delay using a USB-Serial port than with a regular serial port.  I
am using version 12.5 with an FT-847, 57k6.  Using a normal serial port, a
CAT delay of 20 works fine.  However, when I switched to a USB-Serial port
#8, the CAT update of both operating modes and frequencies became erratic,
with normal Doppler corrections lagging by several KHz in FM modes.  So far,
I have found that a CAT delay of 50 works perfectly, and I am stepping it
down in increments to find the minimum reliable value.  

This port works fine with my other programs, except for one which transfers
large amounts of data directly to and from the FT-847 memory.  It also
fails, with the data corrupted.  So probably the USB driver or hardware is
not buffering large amounts of data well.


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