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QSL Card Scanning Solution

I'm working on a project that I'm at a point I just can't get past and
I'm looking for some advice/help.

I am trying to scan my QSL cards in (front and back) so you can see them
from my website logbooks (www.ericsatcom.net/RadioKF4OTN).  I've done a
few using a flat-bed scanner, which worked well, but was very slow.  At
work I have access to a very nice high-speed scanner that will scan the
front and back of a page and will handle many pages in just a few
seconds.  I tried a sample of cards from my collection only to find they
won't actually make it through the scanner.  Most of them get stuck in
the opening because they are thicker than regular paper.

So does anyone have a solution to this problem that they could point me
in the correct direction?

BTW, this project isn't just for me...  A good friend of mine, Mr Irby
K4WO, has taken a turn for the worse and I'm trying to help document his
accomplishments.  This will probably be a rather large web project as
this man built so many items, some of which we aren't sure what they do,
that it will take some time to document all of the hardware.  I was also
told that there are many QSL cards that are very rare in his collection.
 When I got a chance to see some of the collection I was dumbfounded.
There are well over 1000 cards in his collection, some had never been
taken out of the envelope that came from the bureau.  So you can imagine
my need for a speedy solution.

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