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CAT and the TS-2000

Two local radio clubs are planning a joint FD this year, and I'm getting a
"new and improved" portable Sat station together.  The mechanical aspects of
the project are on track, but I need some advice regarding software/hardware
issues with CAT.

For this year's operation, I've been trying to do our team a big favor and get
CAT working with my TS-2000X and SatPC32 running on my Dell laptop.  The
laptop of course does not have a native serial port, so I'm using a Targus
port replicator.  Both the radio and SatPC32 are set for 57600 baud.

When I get the radio and software running and turn on the CAT, the radio goes
into SAT mode, jumps to the frequency indicated on the laptop--and DOES NOT
update every second or so.  Instead, it either updates about every 15 seconds,
or not at all.  If I switch off the CAT command on the SatPC32 panel and
switch it back on, the same thing occurs.  I've tried this with Trace set on
and set off.  I've varied the CAT delay between 0 and 20.  The little serial
light on the port extender is blinking about once a second.

I've also tried reducing the baud rate setting of the radio and the "radio"
menu in SatPC32.  If anything, things get worse.

I'm wondering if there is some other setting besides Menu 56 that needs to be
addressed with the radio.

The SatPC32 version is 12.4a, should that be relevant.

Any suggestions would be most gratefully received and appreciated.

Thanks to all in this group and its discussions, from which I have learned so
much during the last year of lurking.


Jim, K4AAF
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