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Re: Re: Lunar Orbits


When it is not for ham participation we can better
focus on making a new ham satellite.

When someone has a platform for an international high
altitude satellite I like to make the transponder for

A good idea might be to make 3 or 4 relative simple
satellite copies and launch them at different high
orbits. Making copies is some easier, cheaper and
faster to do.

Instead of one multi-frequency satellite it might be
an idea for some 4 same structure satellites with each
just one different transponder. It keeps hams active
on more bands and activitie is more and still the main
satellite costs are relative low.

The only thing needed is just one good transponder,
solar pannels and simple telemetry/command radio in a
small box at high orbit.

73 de PE1RAH,
William Leijenaar
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