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Re: Re: Lunar Orbits

At 01:54 PM 6/19/06 -0700, Dave Guimont <dguimon1@san.rr.com> wrote:
><de i8CVS Domenico>
>>Hi Graham
>>Before to encourage the future generation of few "possible radio hams"
>>I believe that IARU and AMSAT should not to turn their backs to the
>>actual generation of many satellite users i.e.............all of us waiting
>>for a decent Satellite Amateur Service frustrated since 26 jan 2004
>>when AO40 died.
>Well said, Dom.....and I'm sure there are a lot of satellite OPERATORS out 
>here that will agree with you!!
>For non-believers...watch the activity when P3E is launched...
>            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org

I agree you Dave.   :-)

I've probably made less the thirty satellite contacts since AO-40 died.   I 
listen all the time,  Maybe say hi to the crew on the ISS once or 
twice,  but I don't like to use the easy-sats because I want new satellite 
operators to have a chance and get hooked on our part of ham radio and 
become Amsat members.

It's going to be great when we get a P3 bird again.

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