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Re: Re: Lunar Orbits

In a message dated 19/06/2006 07:23:29 GMT Standard Time, pe1rah@yahoo.com  


I just read the message about the Lunar  mission.

Am I right that it is only for students ??

Seems our  satellite frequencies and missions will be
more and more taken away by  student projects. It is
good for those students but not for all of us  AMSATs. 
Somehow I feel AMSAT let itself overrun by many  other
organisations who have not any clue about

In  case hams can also participate I would like to help
with a transponder  design. 

They will also land on Luna ??
With that small mass I  doubt, but I who knows...

73 de PE1RAH,
William  Leijenaar

Hello William.
Yes. SSETI is an educational organisation so it's aimed at  students.
But as you know there has ben amateur radio involvment in past and  present 
You defend amateur radio frequencies with vigour and good for you, but  I 
don't see any reference to using amateur radio allocations for this project.  
Actually the current ESEO project is primarily on 2.2GHz. It's only the  
AMSAT comms system that is on 435 and 2400.
I think arriving at the surface at a rather high velocity is the  
plan.....sending data it it does so.  
There are several pages about the ESMO plans on at _www.sseti.net_ 
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