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InstantTrack (was Doppler)

Quoting Paul Williamson <kb5mu@amsat.org>:

> At 2:08 PM -0400 6/17/06, ANTHONY JAPHA wrote:
> >Also, IT seems to give doppler for the beacons but not for the
> >transponders.  Is that correct?
> Yes, for the on-screen displayed Doppler.
> >   Seems unusually not useful.
> The beacon frequency is usually either the center or just off the end 
> of the range of transponder downlink frequencies. Since the 
> transponder bandwidth is a tiny fraction of the transponder 
> frequency, any difference in Doppler shift between the beacon and the 
> downlink is similarly tiny. The difference is negligible when you're 
> manually tuning from an on-screen display.

I recently bought IT with my membership renewal, and I'm enjoying playing
with it. I've had one glitch, though, that I'm wondering if anyone can help
me with. I have two radios I want to control, one using a serial port, the
other using a USB/serial interface. The latter appears as port 4 and works
fine with HRD and SatPC32. However, I can't get IT to control it. I've
tried specifying the IO and IRQ for the USB port in IT's config file. Is
there a diagnostic mode which will let me debug this further?

Another IT related question: I very much like the idea of using IT with a
palmtop computer to run my FT-817 in the field half duplex. Has anyone had
experience using a Casio A-10 with 4 Megs of memory for this purpose? One
is available locally at a reasonable price, but I have no other use for it.

73, Bruce
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