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Re: Doppler

Can't help you with your Nova question, but IT uses the beacon frequency to 
calculate downlink doppler, and displays that value on the map screen.  If 
you are using InstantTune with it, the config file for InstantTune contains 
both uplink and downlink values, and the program WILL display and tune both 
for you.  For manual tuning, a simple rule of thumb that you can apply to 
IT's displayed value is that the doppler at 435 is 3 times the amount at 
145.  And remember, if your uplink is at 145 and you're using FM, you really 
don't need to correct for doppler anyway - just on the downlink.  SSB and CW 
are another story.

George, KA3HSW

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> Is there a way to get a printout of doppler offset along with the orbital
> predictions from Nova?  The one doppler screen I find on Nova is hopeless.
> Also, IT seems to give doppler for the beacons but not for the
> transponders.  Is that correct?  Seems unusually not useful.
> Any hints much appreciated.
> Tnx and 73,
> Tony, N2UN
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