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Re: Yaesu 736R satellite rig


I have one that I have had for many years. It works well, but I suspect 
it is rather limited compared to modern radios. The CAT features are 
particularly restricted.

Yes, it has "dual VFOs"  and you can transmit on one and listen on the 
other. The offset (odd splits) is fully programmable and you can set 
this to what ever you like.

Of course, you wouldn't want to use odd offsets for single band 
satellite work as it is far easier to operate with two VFOs set for Rx 
and Tx (non satellite mode)  for the ISS, PCsat, etc.

Running in the satellite mode the rig can store up to 10 Rx/Tx 
combinations. It is simple to transfer the memories to the Tx and Rx 
VFOs and you can then tune these either independently, tracking normal 
(non inverting sats), or tracking reverse (inverting sats).

Some limiting factors are:

Only ten memories in the satellite mode (ie listening on one band, 
transmitting on another)

Data port works only at 1200 max without modification.

Single display and only one tuning knob. You have to switch it between 
Tx and Rx.

It's big.

Check which options are fitted
eg: Sub audible tone generator for AO51 and SO41 etc
which modules? 1.2 Ghz is nice.

It's fine first rig for satellite work as long as you don't pay too much 
for it. They are pretty dated now and go pretty cheap here.

I still run mine on the inbuilt switch mode supply, but these tend to 
fail after time. A 12v dc socket is provided on the rear.

The only faliure I have had in years of use was a open circuit 
decoupling resistor in the power supply to the audio output amp.

Sil - ZL2CIA

Tom Wuellner wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anyone please give me recommendations on the Yaesu
> 736R satellite rig? I want to know what people think
> about this rig? Is it dual VFO? Is it capable of doing
> odd splits? 
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