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Re: Yaesu 736R satellite rig

Tom Wuellner wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anyone please give me recommendations on the Yaesu
> 736R satellite rig? I want to know what people think
> about this rig? Is it dual VFO? Is it capable of doing
> odd splits? 
Sorry can't tell you much about the Satellite capabilities of the rig, 
>  I know someone who has a 736R. He says it is all in
> pieces and if I were to put it all together then he
> would let me try it out. Then if I was interested, I
> could buy it from him, perhaps at a descent price. He
> has the modules for 6 meter, 220 and 1.2 gig as well
> the std config of 2 mtr and 440.
> How is this for a first Sat Rig?
They're highly regarded by weak-signal VHF contesters and operators.  
They produce a reasonable but low-enough power and have all the right 
connections for interfacing them to high power amps for each band.  
(STBY jack has keying outputs for each band/module for external 
amps/pre-amps, etc.)  The 220 module alone is worth quite a bit of 
money, since there aren't too many 220 all-mode rigs out there.  1.2 GHz 
is also desirable.   6m?  Nah... there's better 6m rigs out there.

The entire package is worth quite a bit if the radio is in good working 
condition.  It sounds like you have one more module there than you have 
locations to hold them, if I remember correctly.

Hearing that it's in "pieces" is a bit worrisome, because of their 
modular nature, this could mean a number of things, but if the modules 
just need to be installed - no problem.  If it's in real "pieces" it 
likely had or has a problem. 

I've worked with two of these radios (not mine) and one is a sweet 
little dream machine and the other is a persnickety pain in the 
you-know-where.  The painful one is doing some odd things like ACG going 
to maximum on all bands except 1.2 GHz at times, etc.  Some days it's 
happy, some not.  It's visited at least one commercial repair shop and 
still acts up a bit.  It has problems.  The other rig has been a 
rock-solid performer for many years of VHF+ contesting. 

They have built-in AC switching power supplies that as they age can need 
some TLC and have been reported to be noisy at times, but it's easy to 
drive the rig from DC power. 

I'd put the 736R in the category of "really good" especially if you need 
lots of bands in a single package.  Easier and sometimes cheaper to get 
into multiple bands than buying an adequate IF rig and transverters, and 
nicer to operate.  Especially good for weak-signal work when external 
amplifiers are added. 

But they are getting old, and they're not quite made of the "stuff" that 
some of the classic old boat-anchors of the previous decades before, 
were made of - they need a good home and a little TLC once in a while to 
keep them happy. 

Someone else will have to talk about the satellite capabilities that are 
built in, I've never used them on the two rigs I've borrowed.  Sorry.

Nate WY0X
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