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RE: AO-7 - keeps on going...

Emily and others, 

When you say you got into AO-7 with 2-watts at a low
elevation what exactly does that mean?  What kind of
horizon do you have?  I suspect most of us have trees
at least at those kinds of elevations so 2-watts will
not cut it.  Are you talking EIRP out of the antenna
or 2-watts out of the rig with a few dB cable loss and
25-dB gain at the antenna?  Has anyone done a link
budget on AO-7 recently that has been published or put
on the web? A recent link budget would be especially
useful to those who don't work it regularly or are new
to the bird.  Perhaps those who work it regularly can
give us all a feel for what needs to be the received
power at the satellite.  Just wondering... and thanks
for any responses.

Also, we can always use more ops on FO-29 which is
also a super bird which is not of a young age anymore

KG4QWC (Worked via AO-7, one so far...)
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