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Re: Re: HT of choice?

>I can't comment directly because I have never used the 
>Kenwood handheld, but the inbuilt TNC seems like a great idea. 
>However, SV2AGW has some less positive comments:
> http://www.elcom.gr/sv2agw/hardware.htm 

Read that with a grain of salt.  None of  his complaints
have anything to do with the use of the internal TNC
to do what it was designed to do, that is to transmit
and receive APRS data.  Either terrestrially or via

The radios not only TX and RX APRS data, but they do it all
in stand alone mode to and from the the radio's front panel
so that no external PC or application or interfaces are 
needed.  Trying to compare this application to an external
application requiring a TNC and a PC or Laptop is apples
and oranges.

His complaints are about trying to use the internal
TNC in KISS mode by an external application with
long data frames in an application it was not designed
to do.  There are NO APRS protocol packets that
are as long as the length he complained about.

The radio has an internal TNC to do APRS.  It does that
very well, and is the method of choice by 85% of all
mobile APRS operators that want to see surrounding APRS
stations while mobile without the hassle of carrying a
laptop in the car.

de Wb4APR, Bob
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