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EaglePedia is open!

June 10, 2006

Today EAGLE Project Manager Jim Sanford, WB4GCS, announced that EaglePedia is
now open for general use.
EaglePedia is the communication medium used by the EAGLE developers, and is
now accessible to all AMSAT members.  A basic principle of the EAGLE project
is open design, so Jim made the decision to open access to the EAGLE
development effort once EaglePedia, a new effort itself, was judged to be
ready for general use.  "The entire Eagle team has been enthusiastically
supportive of openness to the members," said Jim.  "We are excited to give all
AMSAT members the opportunity to understand and to follow the design process
of the various satellite components and system".

Emily Clarke, N1DID has developed and customized the EaglePedia application
using the MediaWiki software engine that was developed for Wikipedia. "I'd
like to thank Emily for all her efforts.  She has adapted the wiki product to
our needs, educated the illiterati (mostly me) and added functions to make it
easier for us to use.  EaglePedia would not be the tool that it is, without
tremendous effort on Emily's part, and I am extremely grateful for all her

All major decisions about the space craft and their supporting documentation
will be available through the site.  Although only EAGLE team members will
have the ability to comment on what is posted there, all will be able to see

Jim notes that, "There will be some areas of the site that are available only
for internal EAGLE team communications during the preliminary development
stages.  I have made this decision to allow unfettered communications among
the team during the early phases of concept refinement and design.  Once peer
review of a design is complete, the initial design, peer review comments, the
resolution of those comments, and the revised and approved designs will all be
available to AMSAT members."

Jim, the entire EAGLE team and AMSAT President Rick Hambly encourage everyone
interested in amateur satellites to take advantage of this 'new way of
working' and to follow the EAGLE design process and developments.  "We are
excited about offering the unprecedented access into EAGLE's development.  I
fully expect this approach to enhance the EAGLE design process and improve
overall product quality." said Rick.

EaglePedia can be accessed via the AMSAT.org front page using the EAGLE link
in the 'Quick Access to Project Pages:' section found on the top right of the

Welcome to open satellite design.
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