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I couldn't hear AO-51


Yesterday I was qrv on satellite again. It was a long
time that the antennas did rotate automatically

I was able to make a qso on AO-7 and later tried also
AO-51 but I didn't hear any signals comming from it.
I had internet in hand reach, so I checked if I was
right with freq and also did "online pass predictions"
but I couldn't find anything wrong...

Later I tried XO-53 and received the CW very well,
even at low elevations. The next I tried HAMSAT and I
was able to make several qso's with the same tracking
system and settings like I tried with AO-51.

Might Ao-51 been turned off over Europe (My qth:
JO31BH, The Netherlands) ???
Or there is some misterious reason that I didn't hear
any signals ?

73 de PE1RAH
William Leijenaar
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