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Re: HT of choice?

I have the Alinco DJ-G5T.  It runs full duplex and also hears well.  
It's also taken some pretty heavy abuse and only the original battery
pack had much problem with that.

I've also had the ICOM-W2A and i found it did a decent job in an
urbanized environment.  It's sad that most of our choices are used

Yaesu VX-7R has wide receive coverage and that pretty much precludes
full duplex operation.  Alas, most HTs being made today are also made
to be scanners and that means they won't be full duplex.  The problem
is that you need a good diplexer to run full duplex, and that means
there's going to be a major dead spot between 2m and 70cm, which the
marketing people don't want.

Hint to newcomers:  Bring headphones (and your license) when you test 
a radio.  Listen to the weather service on VHF with headphones and
transmit on UHF.  If you don't hear an interruption in VHF audio, you
have a radio that can run full duplex.  An Arrow satellite antenna with 
built-in diplexer is highly recommended to use with such a radio.

I think AMSAT needs to do a major lobbying job on HT manufacturers, as
we can't make much of impression on them individually.

		    -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
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