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CM79 [was: for KD6PAG de XE2AT]

I tried for CM79 once before and didn't *quite* get there (i missed by
perhaps 100m).  Not only are there no roads in CM79, there aren't even
any TRAILS shown on the USGS maps (and Google maps aren't much help,
either).  It's more than an hour to hike in and it probably involves
'bushwacking' to get to CM79.  It may be easier to work marine mobile,
as Shelter Cove isn't that far away by water.  If i do the overland
route, i'll want to choose my date(s) carefully for this one, perhaps
bring SSB gear if i can get/make something small enough to pack in,
and hope the chaparral isn't too thick.

CM86 contains about half of the town of Santa Cruz, California and is
also nearly all ocean.  I worked several people from there last weekend
on SO-50.  After i replace a friend's dead disk, i'll be back there 
again, probably within the next week.  Let me know if you need that one
(and/or CM96), as they're easy.

			     -- KD6PAG

[Al, you can try sending to my callsign at AMSAT.ORG, but it can be days 
or weeks [or more] before i check that, as i literally get hundreds of 
spam per week at that address and even after filtering, it's less than 
1% meaningful content...  Thanks for your rovering efforts!]
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