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Uncommon Californa grid squares (tentatively Saturday)

This weekend is the VHF QSO Party, and there are eight J-FM satellite passes 
on Saturday during normal waking hours (and this is not counting three AO-27
passes). So i thought i might drive up the California coast, give away points
for the QSO party, and see how many uncommon-to-rare grid squares that i can
activate satellite QRP.  I expect to hit CM89, CN70 and CN80, and we'll see 
what else i can get into...

Weekend passes are busy to begin with, so i'd appreciate it if stations in 
the same time zone on transcontinental passes would save their hello's for 
less busy passes on Saturday (or until i've worked those who want me).

I plan to only run 1W into an Arrow-class antenna, so obviously i won't be
able to monopolize the bird if others need it (and will stay out of the way
of those want to work other distant stations).  

If i operate from a grid square boundary, i'll call out the pair, you reply
with just my suffix, your callsign and your grid.  (If i've worked you often,
don't bother with phonetics to save time for others.)  I will then QSL each
callsign twice, one from each of my grids.  (I'm not sure what the protocol
is for multiple grid squares, so i will walk far enough to be sure i'm in
each grid when QSLing contacts, as i think that's what the VHF folks expect.)

These passes will be 'taped' and i should have plenty of time to trascribe
them.  So don't worry if i only QSL with your suffix or grid square, or if
i forgot your callsign after moving to the other grid.  (If i miss you the
first time, do call again with your grid and i'll also QSL you from both
grids as well.)

I'll QSL direct (with most cards going out with 'Thx' and 'LoTW' checked).
I hope to send you more than one card.  73's and good luck!

		         -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)

P.S.  Sunday also looks good if someone else feels inspired...  [Hint: Take
a voice recorder, lots of batteries and/or a car charger.]

10Jun06  10:01:06 10:08:21 10:15:29  00:14:24   19  98 179  46.1* AO-51
Sat PDT	 11:40:23 11:46:51 11:53:11  00:12:48  356 295 233  19.4  AO-51
	 15:34:08 15:40:15 15:46:30  00:12:22  119  63   7  15.3  AO-27 ??
	 16:34:28 16:40:05 16:45:37  00:11:10  160 108  55  12.3  SO-50
	 17:11:48 17:19:20 17:26:55  00:15:07  173 260 344  65.1* AO-27 ??
	 18:13:12 18:20:19 18:27:18  00:14:06  216 305  29  70.1* SO-50
	 18:55:23 18:59:45 19:04:15  00:08:52  237 274 311   5.3  AO-27 ??
	 19:37:45 19:42:09 19:46:37  00:08:52   92  56  19   5.7  AO-51
	 19:56:26 20:01:51 20:07:16  00:10:50  269 321  13  10.6  SO-50
	 21:12:19 21:19:47 21:27:23  00:15:04  152  73 353  52.2* AO-51
	 22:52:13 22:58:53 23:05:36  00:13:24  206 268 329  18.4  AO-51

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