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May/June AMSAT Journal


I want to let you know that the May/June issue of the Journal is going to be 
a bit late (again). My company transferred me somewhat unexpectedly (but 
it's good!) and I have not had any time to work on the Journal at all during 
the process of moving over the last 3-4 weeks. I am finished with my move 
now (except for some new furniture deliveries and one of my cars) and am 
unpacking. I still don't have high-speed Internet service, and won't until 
next weekend, but will do my best to get the next issue edited and to the 
printer even if I have to let the upload run all night on a slow connection. 
I apologize for the publishing delay but it's unavoidable due to my 

Thanks to all the contributors to the Journal. They help keep our group 
publication an excellent one. I do have a number of interesting articles to 
publish in the forthcoming issue. I should be able to begin final editing on 
a number of them this evening. Editing is pretty much a three-person-band. 
Bill Hook helps me immensely with text corrections once I get the editing 
done. Of course Martha manages the printer and their printing process and 
also the mailing process once the files are uploaded to the printer. While 
Lee Herterich doesn't do any actual editing work, he can help with ad 
graphics if you would like to place an ad in the Journal.

BTW - I am happy about the transfer and am looking forward to living and 
working in Florida. Can't wait to get to some hamfests down here. I'm in the 
Ocala area.

Thank you again for your patience with these delays.


Ed Long
Editor, The AMSAT Journal

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