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Re: Satellite Rising - Text Message / Alpha Numeric Pager

Well - I have commercial code I wrote to send a SMS via a serial port & GSM, 
works fine with ASCII and UNICODE messages of unlimited size. I can consider 
make the C++ source available if anyone out there wants it for a free or 
AMSAT-branded program (i.e. not a money-grabbing program).

Contact me off-list if you're a software author.

Simon Brown

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From: "Michael J Wolthuis" <wolthui3@msu.edu>

>I am 100% sure I have heard people talking about this before, but Google 
>and searching archives revealed no insite.  My goal is to have a Text 
>message sent to my cell phone or alphanumeric pager whenever a satellite 
>(The ones I chose) are rising (Maybe with like 10mins warning or some set 
>#).  Everyday it seems I pull up Nova or Predict and realize I just missed 
>the last AO-51 pass by 15mins even though I was just on the tractor or 
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