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Made my first contact!!!!!!

Well I went for broke this evening and decided to put my newly acquired
Arrow Antenna to work with a TH-D7AG handheld. It was an amazing experience
to hear my own voice come from a satellite passing overhead with nothing
more than a simple antenna and 5 watts!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I managed to make
2 contacts, but I don't recall the callsigns or gridsquares, so if anyone
that subscribes to this list heard me, please QSL!!!! I am just truly
ecstatic right now, this is the most fun I have had with amateur radio ever.

I do have a question about doppler shift. There were several times during
the pass when I could not hear myself come through even though I had a
strong downlink signal, I was transmitting on 145.920 with a 67 Hz tone and
receiving on 435.300 My radio only tunes in 5 khz steps, how should I
compensate for doppler shift? Do I need to be as concerned with it on the
uplink as I do the downlink? Should I start tuning above or below the center
frequency to compensate?

This was a very thrilling event for me this evening, as I'm sure most can
attest to this recalling this first contact :)

73 de N1VLV,
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