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   Is anyone on this list familiar enough with the Kenwood D700 to
   describe exactly what the Calibrate function of the TNC does and/or
   describe exactly how the modulation is done at 9600.
   I am attempting to close a 9600 digital link between the D700 on Tx and
   a CC1000 FSK chip radio on Rx.   I have control over many demodulation
   settings such as FSK seperation frequency and peak detect in the CC1000
   but I dont have much information on the standard Ham FSK modulation
   that I think the D700 is doing in 9600 mode. I can easily close the
   link between two of the chip radios.
   So here are my questions:
   1) Is the D700 doing true FSK in 9600 bps mode?
   2) If it is, what is the seperation between mark and space?
   3) Is a scrambling polynomial being used, (i am trying 17 bit register
   with bit 5 as tap)
   4) Is the Calibrat mode in the TNC a scrambled square wave?  Has anyone
   gotten this to work?
   5) I have read in several articles oblique references to standards for
   FSK links but havent been able to find any.  Where are they?  How do
   different Ham radio manufacturers build radios that can talk to each
   This is part of a University satellite project. We could use matching
   chip radios to talk to our satellite but we want very much to provide a
   friendly packet-style ham interface to our operation, however we are
   finding that interfacing to the ham equipment quite difficult.  Please
   ~Danny KE7DHQ
   Space Science and Engineering Laboratory
   Montana State University
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