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Re: 13 rail wagon passing by and i still wait...

Sounds right to me.


>I wrote in many occasion this:
>  4000 members who will pay 100$ each for a satellite construction 
> only devoted fund will make
>400000$ a year in financing. That's the "attaching the financing" is 
>meaning. We wants an HEO in
>2010 we have the blueprints ready lets go 400000$ X 4 years= 1,600,000$!
>Are we needed more money just add a year or two. Try to sell a new 
>car to a potential buyer without
>showing him the car i bet you you have to be a super seller to close 
>your sale.
>Amateur radio satellite hobby is not cheap and if we want to have 
>satellites in the future we will
>have to spend more and more money. Donations will not produce the 
>expected results, focusing only
>on donations make's me believe there is a silent trend where we let 
>some of us prefer to put the
>burden of the waiting list on the members shoulders instead of their 
>own shoulders.
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