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13 rail wagon passing by and i still wait...

Some thoughts...

Since the "cube sats" start to grow i fell i am like the guy who see the train passing waiting for 
HIS LEO train. He's coming! he will be there pretty soon! But while he's waiting he risk to never 
be seated in a train.

He can choose to leave the train station or worse he will loose any interest in train changing his 
mind to other type of transportation.

I don't know if someone understand that for the vast majority of the "Ham sats" users they want to 
have just standard plain phone QSO'S over the world with other Hams!

Experimenting, promoting, teaching should normally be a part of any satellite project. When 
focusing only on the means and not on the results there is a bunch of potential clients..yes 
clients who will simply put their interest somewhere else.

In any construction project first steps are the search of financing. They don't wait for donations 
to be able to start the construction they attached the financing. How they do that? They evaluate 
how the potential investors, banks, and financial institution can contribute in the project 
financing. When all their financing sources are signed they engaged the construction phase.

Why in amateur satellite construction project here in North America they choose to do otherwise?
There is various explanations but habits, usual trend, past experience makes decisions takers 
always taking the easy path "the only one they believe in"

I wrote in many occasion this:
 4000 members who will pay 100$ each for a satellite construction only devoted fund will make 
400000$ a year in financing. That's the "attaching the financing" is meaning. We wants an HEO in 
2010 we have the blueprints ready lets go 400000$ X 4 years= 1,600,000$!

Are we needed more money just add a year or two. Try to sell a new car to a potential buyer without 
showing him the car i bet you you have to be a super seller to close your sale.

Amateur radio satellite hobby is not cheap and if we want to have satellites in the future we will 
have to spend more and more money. Donations will not produce the expected results, focusing only 
on donations make's me believe there is a silent trend where we let some of us prefer to put the 
burden of the waiting list on the members shoulders instead of their own shoulders.

Here is the logic, We are a group of friends who year after year are socializing in a social get-
togethers "The bonavista social club" we are lunching and drinking having good time pretexting  to 
teaching and managing the "business"

If you feel i am far away from the truth just see how the AMSAT president club donors are treated 
they have a free lunch... Just check the last Hamvention. Take all the money spent in the AMSAT 
conventions and put in a financing fund for satellite construction you will get two possible 
results. A huge increased in financing or a huge membership decreased. 

Yes some last thread on AGING are a step in the right direction. If we wanted to change something 
we should start discussing it. Nobody and i mean nobody never came back on my proposal of a 
"satellite construction fee" attached to the actual AMSAT membership fee as i wrote in the past and 
i quoted myself here..."If we all pay i will pay" Instead of preaching the crowds about the 
salvation of our souls by the benefits of donations lets put a real financing project in force and 
stops writing as in the march/april AMSAT journal "Your generous contribution to AMSAT will help 
ensure that our common dreams will indeed become reality" AMEN!

To conclude could be i am wrong here but i read somewhere else in the journal this "Volunteers, 
again in 2005, came through with a record breaking $457,477 worth of services to our AMSAT 
organization..." That's the form who a volunteer filed in estimating the time at a dollar rate he 
work as a volunteer on AMSAT affairs? How a non profit organization can ask his volunteer to 
calculate their time in money? I always believe volunteers where free workers!

If you are renting an apartment and if one day your tenant offer you to pay his rent in "services 
donation" calculating the hours he volunteer himself to your cause eg: filling a form where he will 
evaluating his "donations" will you accept it? probably not but AMSAT is and he even including this 
in his financial statements...! but curiously not in his tax form...?

What is behind this ingenious idea? making us and others believe AMSAT is rolling on gold? It is 
apparently a generally accepted accounting procedure... There was also some generally accepted 
accounting procedure in ENRON but some failed short and many are now believe it could be a 
generally accepted accounting procedure but with some twisting,  numbers and figures often come out 
also twisted. And for those who rely on the fact that the financial reports are audited ENRON 
financial papers where also audited...

I just start to feel the flames but rest assured i honestly think there in nothing wrong in the 
AMSAT financial reports aside of a simple revenue/expense balance sheet will greatly dissipate any 
doubts if doubts are really there!

"13 Satellite are not amateur satellites" Again the "13" Aging is also a problem these 13 sats 
prove it by the inverse and if they wants to really makes an amateur radio communicating tool they 
probably choose a transponder type sats as VO-52. The amateur radio intent is not present on most 
of theses sats and it fine as they are a learning project PERIOD. They probably don't even bothered 
themselves with the "old fart CW second world war key knockers" It is how we are perceived by many 
of the young folks today we look antique comparing with their super cool hot cell internet digital 
phones and their car satellite radio where the antenna is the size of a match box.

But i'm still enjoy some CW QSO and satellite works...Am i getting old too!

The medium is the message...The content is the audience...;)

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE
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