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Re: 13 Satellite are amateur satellites

>>> "i8cvs" <domenico.i8cvs@tin.it> 06/02/06 8:32 PM >>>
>Radio Hams ... are very disturbed because the Universities get 
>governement funds to build and launch their  satellites and 
>AMSAT does not !   Are AMSAT with AMSAT members and 
>experimenter's Radio Hams becoming an endangered species ? 
>This is the point !

I think we are both agreeing.   I see the universities and
their deep pockets as the best way to get an amateur
satellite built.  All we have to do is help them in the right

There is not much we can do as a group to accomplish this by
AMSAT email, but if we get lucky and find a person in the right
place at the right time, then we might get lucky and get some
university to include a communications transponder..  So 
I like to keep friends with them as much as possible and not
complain about them.

Yep, we all want more amateur communications satellites.
I think we all agree there.

de Wb4APR, Bob
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