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Re: re: FM Sat Channel Spaceing 15 vrs 25k

Robert Bruninga wrote:
> The difference between 35W and 50W is only about
> 1.5 dB.   Which is basically insignificant to the more than 136 dB 
> of path loss between the transmitter and receiver.
> For what it's worth.... Bob

Yeah, I clearly stated that it made no difference to your argument in my 
original post about it.  :-)  Sorry this thread headed off into la-la 
land, Bob.  Heh.

My comments about designing the receiver appropriately weren't well 
thought-out, because I was already anticipating this thread going off 
into the ditch and not thinking about the reply.

And there goes Anthony, making your mathematical argument again, which I 
wasn't contesting and didn't even talk about.  Knew that was coming. 
Ha. Go Anthony go!  (GRIN - Hey, can't hurt to document it again, right?)

Let me repeat.. ALL I SAID:

There aren't many modern (new) 50W UHF RADIOS.

I've fully agreed with Bob's comments on the topic all along.  He just 
keeps putting that mythical 50W UHF radio in that posting of his, and I 
thought I'd give him a little good-natured ribbing about it.

It didn't work out correctly in e-mail.   Oops.  Happens.  Lack of 
audible clues and visual body language.

I'm off to go work on the rover... No more computers today -- time to 
play with RADIOS!  They're much more fun.


It can track satellite passes if your in a big enough, empty parking 
lot!  :-)

Just like firearms and alcohol never mix, the "no Friday evening beer 
allowed until the 8-gauge is wired into the battery and fused" rule is 
now in effect.  :-)

(Bob, a friend is loaning a Kenwood D700, and it already has my callsign 
in it... he sent out a few test APRS packets and they gated correctly... 
watch for WY0X next weekend on findu when running between grids!  Of 
course this also means I get to go curl up with a D700 manual sometime 
between now and next weekend... or I'll just be clueless about it.)

If things are going well this week, I could try to figure out if there 
are any sat passes at any point during the weekend that would be 
workable if people need odd grids anywhere along the 
Colorado/Wyoming/Nebraska/Kansas borders... but that might be pushing it 
a bit to get it all scheduled in.  Anybody just dying for anything to 
finish off an award or anything?

Have a nice weekend, all!  I'm off to go build a power distribution 
harness and get some radios hooked to the beast.

Nate WY0X
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