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Re: 13 Satellite are amateur satellites

>>> "i8cvs" <domenico.i8cvs@tin.it> 06/02/06 4:15 PM >>>
>If these experimental satellites are built by students at 
>universities for their experiments i.e. for purposes that 
>are different from that the amateur radio community is 
>accustomed to, than these satellites are not amateur 

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree.  Just because every amateur
satelite does not happen to serve one's own personal expectations
of Ham Radio, that does not make the satellite a non amateur

If every function of Ham radio were only allowed if everyone
agreed that it satisfied their personal interest, then we would
be having nothing but war on Ham radio between the VHF,
HF, contesters, DX chasers, rag chewers, satelite operators,
Direction finders, Packet people, APRS, repeaters, FM, SSB,
Remote controlled aircraft experimenters, Wideband, ATV,
Family communicators, Traffic handlers, CW operators,
county hunters, grid chasers, QRP operators, QRO operators,
Kit builders, circuit designers, antenna builders, and so on and
so on.

It serves no purpose to condem how other people may use
amarteur radios just because it is something that we are not
"accustomed to".  There is plenty of room for everyone, and
in fact, as the years go on, there is more and more room
because fewer and fewer people get interested in Ham radio.

The 70 cm amateur satellite band is 3,000 KHz wide.
I just dont understand all the people complaining about a few
1 KHz wide telemetry beacons from a few new amateur
satellite projects.  And even then, each such satellite is
only in view for 4% of th e time.  THus the impact on the
GREATLY UNDERUTILIZED amateur satelite band is less
than 0.00001.  Surely there is something more productive
to complain about than the hard work of some new 
amateur radio enthusiasts and their student projects.

We should welcome them with open arms!  And encourage
their groups to build more satelites including ones with
transponders where possible...

The first satellite of any one group will keep their expectations
low and probably not risk the power required to support a
transponders and a bunch of users.  THeir first satellite will
probably be just basic telemetry as they learn the success of
their design.  Hopefully subsequent designs will consider more
exciting payloads such as transponders.

de WB4APR, Bob
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