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Re: re: FM Sat Channel Spaceing 15 vrs 25k

Nate Duehr wrote:
 >I still want to know where you keep finding this mythical 50W UHF FM
 >modern radio, Bob.  :-)  (Poke, poke...)

Then Anthony Monteiro wrote:
> At 08:53 PM 6/2/2006 +0100, David Barber wrote:
>> Icom 910 I believe!!!!
>> 5w - 75w
>> ...
> Friends,
> Actually all of the current satellite radios from the
> major manufacturers have 50 watts out on 70cm:
> Kenwood TS-2000
> Yaesu   FT-847
> ICOM     IC-910 (75 watts spec'd)
> 73,
> Tnny AA2TX

FT-847 is no longer in production.

I knew there'd be a few replies with a few rigs that can do 50W, but 
they're not the "typical" radios most people are using.  Especially 
newcomers.  Many can barely afford a mobile rig.

If we're talking only FM here, a price difference of over $800 is only 
worth it for those of us crazy enough to buy such dedicated rigs.  If 
the birds are going to be SSB, then the Kenwood or the Icom for a new 
satellite operator who either can't or won't buy used rigs, become a 
technical requirement. 

But if I remember correctly, Bob's posting he said that FM was one of 
the goals.

The number of models of FM dual-banders available from all manufacturers 
that do less than 50W on UHF dwarfs this two-radio list. 

I still say: 50W on UHF FM is NOT common and satellite designers would 
do better to plan on most radios being far LESS than 50W on UHF for uplinks.

Nate WY0X
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