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Re: Re: 13 Satellite are not amateur satellites

Quoting "Nigel A. Gunn G8IFF/KC8NHF" <nigel@ngunn.net>:

> Those that built them were, in the main, also Amsat members and licensed
> radio amateurs. That's not the case with the university projects.
> >  Another is encouraging the next generation of hams/technologists.
> Lets encourage them to earn licenses, not freeload our hard earned 
> frequency allocations.

I'm assuming the claim here is not that the control station is being
operated by a non-amateur (which would be illegal), but rather that there
are many students without licenses who are participating in building these
projects, and that these projects do not encourage or encite them to get
their licenses. 

To test the latter claim, I looked at a random page from the most recent
Cubesat workshop and searched in QRZ to identify the student presenters.
With respect to US projects that are launching immenently, all the student
presenters were to be found on QRZ. The three US presenters for projects
that are planned to launch after 2007 do not have licenses, at least not in
the same state as their college/university. 

It seems to me, then, that my small sample shows what I would assume is the
process: non-ham students get involved and eventually get their licenses
because they'd like to have the opportunity to control the bird once or
twice. Is there any evidence that the opposite ('freeloading') is happening
on an alarming scale?

73, Bruce
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