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Re: Re: 13 Satellite are not amateur satellites

H. Paul Shuch, N6TX wrote:
>     In all due respect to my good friend Hans, I must disagree with 
> part of his statement. Under certain circumstances, a CubeSat CAN AND 
> SHOULD BE considered an amateur radio satellite.  If you read the 
> AMSAT mission statement on our website,
True but that mission staytement is strictly only applicable to the 
geographical area represented by Amsat NA.
The resulting satellites cover the whole world.

>  I remind you all of the numerous early OSCARs that were built by 
> students in Melbourne, Surrey, Marburg, Weber State, Japan, and 
> elsewhere.  All were true ham satellites, even those that only carried 
> beacons.
Those that built them were, in the main, also Amsat members and licensed 
radio amateurs. That's not the case with the university projects.
>  Another is encouraging the next generation of hams/technologists.
Lets encourage them to earn licenses, not freeload our hard earned 
frequency allocations.


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